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An extra layer of support at home makes a big difference in caring for our loved ones.

Palliative Care Dubai | Algebra healthcare

For patients with terminal or chronic illnesses, we provide a dedicated team of highly qualified doctors and nurses, to ensure that specialized care is given at all times.

Palliative Care Dubai At Home Features:

Careful and precise assessments are done to ensure that a tailor-made routine addresses treatments and cures. Daily care and support further provide ease and relief from pain and symptoms, with the goal of achieving a better quality of life. Constant palliative care and overall wellness could also positively influence the course of illness.

Algebra Home Healthcare:

We in Algebra Healthcare also provide emotional support to achieve an overall impact on well-being that also includes support to members of the family. We are also available to recommend treatment options to help achieve your goals.

Dedicated Medical Team

Our dedicated medical team is fully trained to administer the following medical treatments and care:

  • Assessing and diagnosing the patient’s health concerns
  • Specialized care for medical conditions
  • Administering injections, medications, and medical treatments
  • Dressing, wound, injury and skin-care
  • Monitoring health and progressions
  • Assistance with day-to-day activities
  • Aid in bathing, feeding, mobility, and other daily necessities
  • Physical and mental exercises
  • Physiotherapy and massages
  • Dietary recommendations and food preparation
  • Companionship and emotional support
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Why Choose Us for Palliative Care Dubai at Home

Our DHA-licensed nurses, healthcare assistants, and caregivers are highly trained in providing specialized services to those in need of sensitive treatments and extend the care by assisting, imparting training, and educating the whole family. Just ask for a call on doctor in Dubai in Algebra healthcare