Vision & Mission
(Doctor At Your Home & Hotel)

Our Values Adhere With Our Unique Home Healthcare For You

Doctor At Your Home & Hotel Service is Here. A promise to be by your side whenever you need us.

Our mission, our vision, and the values that govern us are a daily reminder of our promise to you. Our goal is offering a Doctor At Your Home & Hotel. These keep us going strong on our path to serve you the best. It is our understanding that being in a familiar environment may lead to a faster recovery as compared to conventional situations and what better than your comfortable home to recoup your health, coupled with our exceptional home healthcare.

As a result, we have fully fashioned ourselves to live up to this brand promise. Our internal processes, our teams, and our technologies, all have been crafted in a manner to aid in abiding with our brand promise at all times. This is a guiding principle that governs our professional lives so that the personal lives of you and your loved ones are at ease when required the most.


Our mission is to develop and implement a sustainable, coordinated, integrated and comprehensive 24-hours health care service based on the Primary Health Care approach to ensure a high standard of quality health care. So we provide a doctor at your home & hotel once you call us.


Our vision is to bring a new dimension to Home Health Care by giving them optimal medical treatment in the most rewarding and professional manner. The main objective is to reduce the influx of non-emergencies in the public health sectors by offering a quality consultation by one of our professionally skilled doctors to your door when you are unable to a Clinic, Hospital or when your doctor is unavailable. 

Core Values

  • Trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity
  • Open communication, transparency, and consultation
  • Professionalism, accountability, and commitment to excellence
  • Loyalty and compassion